Ashes to Art® Online Catalogue

Welcome to the online presentation of FUNERIA’s 5th biennial international Ashes to Art® exhibition.

The exhibition in FUNERIA’s Northern California Art Honors Life® gallery officially concluded with a reception on December 19, 2010 so that sold pieces could be collected or shipped to their new owners. A superb selection from the 5th biennial, however, including award-winning pieces, remains available.

In fact, the gallery often features 200 unique funerary artworks and artist-made cremation urns or more at all times. It has become a destination for visitors throughout North America and the world. It remains unique in demonstrating the value and essential beauty in developing and promoting a contemporary funerary art genre… offering a bridge between the very best artists who are creating meaningful work and those who need exactly that to honor a life they’ve loved.

Appointments are encouraged as gallery hours are not posted except as scheduled during exhibitions.

Conveniently here, however, we hope you enjoy seeing the work of all finalists who will remain online, even if sold, through October 2011. Please call or email FUNERIA for availability or to inquire about additional work by the same artist. Special requests and commissioned art inquiries are always welcomed. Soon, you will also have the opportunity to purchase a printed exhibition catalogue that will showcase these works, and all award recipients in FUNERIA’s four exhibitions since 2001.

With the exception of artist Nancy Josephson’s own Lifetime urn, prices are listed within the text below the images.

Note that all artists retain all rights to the reproduction of their artwork. While images and content are available for editorial review, they may not be used for commercial purposes to promote anything but the individual artists represented in this exhibition and Ashes to Art® exhibitions presented by FUNERIA®.

14 Responses to Ashes to Art® Online Catalogue

  1. Margaret Lomasney says:

    Liked the simplicity of Rod Kendall’s Remembrance, but liked several others as well.

  2. Daniel says:

    It’s an absolute blissful experience seeing the creative beauty of so many artistic spirits. Ashes to Art exhibits have been inspiring and the revelation of an ancient art form in contemporary times. Kudos to Funeria and the fantastic artists!

    D.R. Ortega

  3. susan preston says:

    i vote for greer upton s
    with all its provocative

  4. Kathryn Portelli says:

    Congratulations to all the artists displaying such excellence in the different forms of their ashes vessels – they are senstive, superbly crafted and full of personality. My vote goes to my fellow Melburnian from Australia, Avis Gardner – I love what she does with paper clay.

  5. Robert Forrer says:

    I cast my vote for Daniel Oliver’s pieces. Beautiful!

  6. G. Trout says:

    I cast my vote for “Liberte” by artist Christine Belton…although there were many I really enjoyed!

  7. Larene Grondahl says:

    Chad is my nephew and I have seen the most extraordinary, creative, well constructed, imaginative and just genius work come out of him. The family has been sharing his work for years and it is just super to be a part of his art life as he shares his talents with us and the world. He keeps expanding his artistic horizons with design and medium that are unbelievable.
    A true artist — Larene Grondahl

  8. edelmira says:

    thanks, I do not care how,or where my body will be. death is death!

    now however I am seeking the creator so MY SPIRIT goes to him.

    I see those pots as beautiful objects, art objects, I will place some of my miniatures in it.

  9. Laura Bruzzese says:

    Once again, Funeria has the BEST memorial artwork. These are lovely pieces regardless of utility. Congratulations on a lovely show, keep blazing the beautiful handmade trail through the urn industry!

  10. mARTin Ries says:

    GORGEOUS!!!! but alas, I’m leaving my wonderful body to medical science.

  11. Melissa Mikulak says:

    Just beautiful. Thank you, artists, for bringing your talent to much needed venue. We appreciate your work everyday. You are all so creative and amazing. (Thanks to Funeria for bring us your works!)

  12. rebecca rodriguez says:

    This exhibit is filled with Inspiring works which trigger a deeper response within me. R.Rodriguez

  13. Dianne Berg says:

    Congradulations Chad on your most innovative and precise work of art. Each piece of work you do is outstanding but this is the most creative and unique so far! I am blown away. God Bless You. Dianne

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